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The following awards are presented by the Piney Woods Counseling Association and the Texas Counseling Association in recognition of service to the public and to the counseling profession.

PWCA Counselor of the Year

2014-2015 Jennifer Quine
2013-2014 Ben Cadenhead
2012-2013 Lynn Bearden
2011-2012 Sharon Monroe-Rettig
2010-2011 Joel Jackson
2009-2010 Janet Adams
2008-2009 Angele Fanning
Randi McRae
2007-2008 Michael Turpin
2006-2007 Alice Spacek
2005-2006 Vickie Spearman
2004-2005 Jill Milem
2003-2004 Melinda Coker
2002-2003 Gladys Cooper
2001-2002 Madeline Gill
2000-2001 Marian Richardson
1999-2000 Gay McAlister
1998-1999 Tony Gibson
Yvie Witt
1997-1998 Ken Luke
1996-1997 Alan Barnes
1995-1996 Patsy Fisher
1994-1995 Dennis Gronewald
1993-1994 Ronnie Hardin
Dana Ransom
1992-1993 Massalina Moseley
1991-1992 Joyce Odom
1990-1991 Lauree Burkett
1988-1989 Sally Barron
1987-1988 Suzanne Schmidt
1986-1987 Bailey Nations
1985-1986 Edwinna Palmer
1984-1985 Flora Nauls
1978-1979 Karlena Jackson
1977-1978 Frances Wester
Melvin Wester

PWCA Counselor Educator of the Year

2005-2006 Ralph Busby
2004-2005 Dr. Shirley Jones
2003-2004 Dr. Jane Holland
Stephen F. Austin State University
University of Texas at Tyler
Stephen F. Austin State University

PWCA Layperson of the Year

2009-2010 Rev. Lynn Willhite
2006-2007 Chuck Hopson
First United Methodist Church - Elkhart
Texas House of Representatives

TCA Dr. Jamesanna Kirvin Outstanding Counselor

2007-2008 Alice Spacek

TSCA Rhosine Fleming Outstanding Counselor

2007-2008 Vickie Spearman
2003-2004 Gladys Cooper
1990-1991 Mary Beth Fitzgerald
1981-1982 Maggie Driggers

TCA Layperson Exemplary Service Award

2009-2010 Rev. Lynn Wilhite

PWCA Chapter Awards

2005-2006 TCA Co-Outstanding Chapter
1994-1995 TCA Outstanding Newsletter
(Editor: Ronnie Hardin)
1991-1992 TCA Outstanding Chapter
1991-1992 TCA Outstanding Newsletter
(Editor: Ronnie Hardin)